Crawl space

From the outside this house looks in perfect, well-maintained condition. What you cannot see is what it looks like in the cellar ventilated by outdoor air. There, between the joist system and the ground, the climate is favourable for mould growth.

The result can be an unpleasant odour in the house and “sick house” symptoms. Sometimes rot can even form in the fabric of the floor, causing it to weaken and possibly to break.

If you are to avoid expensive repairs, or to make sure that the problems are not repeated once you have been forced to clean up your crawl space, you must take preventive action. One measure that eliminates the risk of mould or dry-rot is to install a dehumidifier in the crawl space.

The problem of mould is not limited to jerry-built or old houses – any house with a crawl space can be at risk.