Desiccant dehumidifiers from DST

Seibu Giken DST manufactures dehumidifiers based on sorption technology.

The basic principle is that the air to be dehumidified (process air) may pass through a “filter” made of silica gel (rotor) that absorbs moisture from the air. The moisture absorbed by the “filter” is removed by a hot air stream (regeneration air).

DST manufactures dehumidifiers for e.g. water damage sanitation and dry air storage, as well as tailor-made dehumidifier solutions for the processing industry with rotors in sizes up to Ø4m. All DST dehumidifiers work with the Seibu Giken high quality D-MAX rotor. In the picture you will see a selection of DST’s smaller stainless steel dehumidifiers.

More technical information, as well as detailed information about DST’s dehumidifiers, can be found at