Common questions

Why is there a problem with today’s wind space when you built houses earlier without having mould problems?

The answers can be several, one of them is that it depends on different ways of building houses, and that the heating methods have changed. In the past homes were often heated by means of an oil boiler, for example, and the chimney stack heated the loft, at the same time also improving the ventilation in the living areas. All in all, this meant that the loft was less vulnerable to damp. In other words, replacing the heating system can mean that there is an increased risk of damp problems in the loft.

What dehumidifier size do I need?

It is impossible to respond to without making an inspection of the attic. Each house is unique and we recommend letting a professional do an investigation before taking action. Your house is too valuable for chances.

How much will it cost?

As in the previous question, it depends on how the space to be dehumidified looks and how far a possible mould or moisture attack has gone. One thing that is certain is that in most cases it is economically correct to fix the problems instead of letting them get worse.

Am I protected against moisture damage if I install a dehumidifier?

No, because moisture damage can occur in many different ways, a dehumidifier is not a guarantee. But you are protected from moisture damages caused by the moisture that the outdoor air brings into the attic. Given that the dehumidifier is properly sized and installed. Make sure you get qualified professional help.

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